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Drive to 5: Check These Five Features Before Taking Delivery

All dealerships across the country hope that November and December are their top selling months of the year. The most effective way to ensure you have a great dealership experience during this time is predicated on the time you and your salesperson have together. No matter how tech savvy you think you are, the car […]


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Timing is Everything

As I was preparing for my next topic to cover, I found an interesting article from CNBC written by Zameena Mejia that discussed daily productivity. The article summarized daily strategies from the great author Malcolm Gladwell, who wrote the award-winning novel Outliers, as well as the strategies of Management & Behavioral scientist Daniel Pink. The […]


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The 4Ps of the Certified Pre-Owned Market

When you’re shopping for your next Used car, you may see “Certified” advertised on thousands of Pre-Owned vehicles. Dealerships are eager for your business, as the U.S. Certified Pre-Owned market has seen tremendous growth over the last decade. Yet, as sales plateaued to 0.10% Y-O-Y increase in 2017, dealerships may be proactive in advertising Certified […]

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Fantasy Car Shopping Lineup Advice

Are you ready for some football? Automakers are. Car brands are traditionally yards ahead of other industries when it comes to TV advertising spending during the NFL season. According to Standard Media Index, automotive TV ad spend was down 5.4% in 2017. However, automakers have scored 34% of total ad spend among the Top 10 […]

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The DOVE Approach to Buying Your First Car

During my 5 years and 11 months in automotive sales, it didn’t take long for me to realize that every customer experience is unique. I dealt with clients who claimed to have bought over 75 cars to customers who saved vigorously to purchase their first luxury sedan. I felt that it was only right for […]


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SteerCX – The Intro

My name is Nelson Oribhabor and this space is devoted to adding value to the car buying/selling/ownership experience. I worked at one of the top luxury dealerships in the country for nearly six years before pivoting into the digital media world this summer. My time in the automotive dealership was also spent studying and earning […]

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Green Hell in a Cell

What the hell? The Mercedes-AMG Green Hell GTR is a problem child. Before I revved up the AMG engine, I revved up my camera for some monster shots.

Dallas Mercedes Benz Photography Texas

Maybach Music…

The exclusive 2017 Mercedes-Maybach S650 cabriolet is a showstopper. I wasn’t able to take the top off the Maybach, but I took some nice shots of the big body convertible.  

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Space Needle

I wrapped up my time exploring Seattle with unbelievable views of the iconic Space Needle. Needless to say, the photos I took here were amazing and visitors appreciated the clear skies Seattle rarely sees. This was my first chance to use my 75-300mm lens and hopefully I will have more opportunities soon.

Photography Seattle Trip

Gum Range

The heralded “Gum Wall” is a must visit at the Pike Place Market! You should have some gum handy as there are plenty of spots available for you to stick your gum on the wall.

Photography Seattle Trip

The First Starbucks

Thirsty coffee drinkers wrapped around the original Starbucks location in the Pike Place Market. A glow of sun projected on Seattle for a great photo opportunity.

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